Smart energy management is an imperative today. Climate change, a by product of indiscriminate industrialization and energy usage threatens the very existence of life on earth. As the world wakes up to this reality there is a need for more sustainable development and a need to enable energy efficient ecology. As the world makes this transition to smarter and greener energy there is a huge business opportunity presently un-folding.

Green Ark Enersol, draws its inspiration from the new imperative that world is facing. We, at Green Ark, would like to be the enablers of 'energy efficient ecology' and contribute to worlds effort to make a transition to a green and energy smart economy.

Green Ark is capable of providing innovative solutions for wireless data transmission and effective data handling to provide customer specific solutions for wide variety of applications. The targeted verticals are:

  • Green Infra
  • Power Sector
  • Telecom Sector

Our products can be customized to meet demanding requirements of measurement, validation and monitoring in Building Management systems, Asset management & Management Information System

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